The only survivor from the Da Vinci Four colony.

Artifice Page 32

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How could anyone stay angry with Deacon’s Panel 3 face? So, big things this week! First of all, I put out a request for translators last Saturday and got a resounding response. Artifice is now being translated into Dutch, French Canadian, French European, German, Hungarian,—sadly, no Klingon yet—Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish! Please give a warm… Continue reading Artifice Page 32

Artifice Page 42

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Huh. Seems Deacon likes Jeff’s hair too… We have new Fan Art from ~ksiazeAikka and she’s made two lovely pieces. The first is a drawing called “Jeff and Deacon cuteness” and the second is an adorable “paperchild” of Jeff. And… I love them (especially the “paperchild”!) Please be sure to check them out! In other… Continue reading Artifice Page 42