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Artifice Page 32

Artifice Page 32 published on 146 Comments on Artifice Page 32

How could anyone stay angry with Deacon’s Panel 3 face?

So, big things this week!

First of all, I put out a request for translators last Saturday and got a resounding response. Artifice is now being translated into Dutch, French Canadian, French European, German, Hungarian,—sadly, no Klingon yet—Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish! Please give a warm thank you to translators Mia, Mud, Jin, ckazka, María Lux, Sofia, Essephant, Pheebs, Eleinor and Ariane for their generous work towards making this comic available to everyone.

I’ve added some code that places a drop-down menu just under the comic page which makes cycling through the translations a breeze. Try it out on Page One! (A big thank you to Big Bagel over at Interrupted Reality for coming up with this beautiful code! If you’re thinking about setting up your own webcomic, you’d be in very good hands over at his site.)

I’ve also just added a Fan Art page! It’s a real treat for Winona and I to see other artists’s takes on our characters. Please show your support for your fellow readers by checking that page out!

And finally, I am tremendously humbled by your super generous donations this time around. In less than a week, we’ve gone from $2 to $108! That’s over a third a way to the next bonus page! Special thanks to Annette A., Robert B., Micheal B., Lorenzo L., Laura Beth W. and Daniela F. for their generous donations this week. I’d also like to give a special call out and hug to Alexander S. for their $25 donation and a fist-pumping cheer (yes, I actually did this), humble bow and bear hug to Amy D. for their $50 donation! An Artifice world record! Thank you all so, so much!

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