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Artifice Page 42

Artifice Page 42 published on 478 Comments on Artifice Page 42

Huh. Seems Deacon likes Jeff’s hair too…

We have new Fan Art from ~ksiazeAikka and she’s made two lovely pieces. The first is a drawing called “Jeff and Deacon cuteness” and the second is an adorable “paperchild” of Jeff. And… I love them (especially the “paperchild”!) Please be sure to check them out!

In other news, I’m going to be roaming around YaoiCon today and possibly tomorrow. If you’re a reader and you see me, please say hello! (I might even have an Artifice art card to give you. 😀 )

And… yet again you all surprise me with your amazing generosity! We hit the bonus donation target in record time (Friday morning!) and so that means I’ll be posting up our fifth bonus page in a row this Wednesday! Woo hoo!

Special thanks to longtime Artifice supporters Michele M., Zoellen F., Annette A., Amanda D., Meghan P., Jennifer R., Marina T., Karina G. (donating for the 2nd week in a row), Daniel M. (donating for the 2nd time in a week!), Alexandra R. & Erin H. & Brittany H. & Elyse B. (all four donating for the third time in two weeks!), Christina K. (donating for the 4th time in 3 weeks!) and Laura Beth W. (who has now donated for the eighth time in a row! Artifice superhero!) and let me also extend a warm, grateful welcome to new supporters Shaniqua W., Mark H., Jodi Z., Angelika H., Marcelle N., Matthew R., Nicholas H., Aubrey M. and Kieran L.!

Big, BIG hugs to new friends Verity L. and Starr R. for their super-generous $25 donations! And love-filled, android-strength hugs (and a wide-eyed grateful bow!) to Cotina S., Erika T. and Larisa V. who all donated a second $25 donation in the same week! (O_O! OMG! Total ROCK STARS!)

And finally a leaping embrace, high-five and WOOT to lewis j. who put us well over the top with their $25 donation Friday morning! 😀

Thank you all so, so much! I don’t have enough words to tell you how much joy you all have brought into my life with your amazing generosity. Just… THANK YOU!

(Oh, and because some very sweet and very optimistic readers have actually asked me what happens if we raise another $250 before the next bonus page, I’ve come up with an answer to that. For lots of reasons, including maintaining my sanity and ability to respond to comments, I want to space out bonus pages. If ever I was going to post two bonus pages in a week, I’d want to put one on Monday and then the other in the “usual” Wednesday slot.

So, if we ever hit the donation target on a Monday or Tuesday before a “regularly scheduled” Wednesday bonus page, the answer is easy—I’d just announce a bonus page for the following Wednesday, just like I always do. But I do want to respect and honor your enthusiastic support. [Oh, my God, do I want to honor it—you have no idea what kind of a morale booster the past few weeks have been for me and Winona!] So, while I don’t know if I could do this forever, if the donation target is met before the Monday or Tuesday before a “regularly scheduled” Wednesday bonus page (i.e, by Sunday 11:59 PM PST), then I would [after recovering from my heart attack] post up a 2nd bonus page the following Monday, making three pages of Artifice for that week.

Clear as mud? Awesome!

Then let me make one other thing clear: I’m not asking anyone to donate to make this happen. Winona and I are super delighted with just having the occasional bonus page on Wednesday. [Really delighted, actually!] But the whole point of these bonus pages is to show our gratitude and to add to the sense of fun for this comic. So right now, having things set up this way seems to make sense to my tiny little brain. But if it bums any of you out, then we’ll just keep it to one bonus page on Wednesdays no matter what. Kay? 😀 )

October 24th, 3:30PM: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! OMG! We just hit the bonus target so that means that not only will we have a bonus page this Wednesday, October 26th, but we will also have one on Wednesday, November 2nd! (And as I committed to above, if we hit the target yet again by 11:59 PM PST, Sunday, October 30th, I will post up an additional bonus page on Monday, October 31st. But not asking for that to happen! Just happy to respond to your amazingly cool enthusiasm! :D) You all are so amazingly awesome—thank you!

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