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Artifice Page 43

Artifice Page 43 published on 324 Comments on Artifice Page 43

Does anyone want to give Deacon a hug? He looks like he might need one right about now…


We have new fan art from Tatat Roses, a color portrait of Jeff! Thank you, Tatat!

It was a big pleasure meeting some of you at YaoiCon this last weekend! I had a ton of fun there, meeting readers and chatting with other creators. Hamlet Machine of Starfighter was a total sweetheart as always and CC of Teahouse went above and beyond by taking me under her wing to explain how to create custom posters & keychains & other things that complete baffled me until I talked with her. I swear, one of the best things about making yaoi comics is how awesome and kind and generous everyone involved with them seems to be. It’s just a great community. 😀

And we have hit another new record in how awesomely generous and how awesomely awesome you all are! After hitting the donation target for this bonus page on Friday morning, you all managed to turn right around and hit the donation target yet again on Monday afternoon, meaning we’ll have a guaranteed bonus page next Wednesday, November 2nd, as well! That will be the sixth bonus page in a row! Woot! O_O

Special thanks go out to long time supporters Chris V., Esperanza V., Christina B. and also to Amanda D. & Zoellen F. & Jennifer B. & Nicholas H. (all four donating for the 2nd week in a row!), Ariel S. (donating for the 3rd week in a row!), Larisa V. (donating for the third update in a row!), Alison T, (donating for the fourth week in a row!), Erin H. (donating for the fourth time in a row!), Christina K. (donating for the 5th time in a row!), and Artifice superhero Micheal B. who has now donated for the 8th straight week in a row! I’d also like to offer very warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporters Audrey R., Steve M., Rebecca P., Tonks R., gordon g., Chandell M., Marykate B., Megan W., Heli R., and Annalisa C. for their generous donations this week.

Big hugs go out to new friends Grace W. & Jenny G. for their generous $25 donations!

And we had three $30 donations this update! O_O Two from new friends Natalia K. and Ethan R. (Thank you so, so much!)

And then one from long-time friend Saxon B. who put us over the top with a $30 donation—their third donation this month! TOTAL ROCK STAR SUPERHERO!

Again, thank you all very, very much. Your support and kind words mean the world to Winona and me. 🙂

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