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Artifice Page 39

Artifice Page 39 published on 229 Comments on Artifice Page 39

What’s with that look, Deacon? Is something stuck in Jeff’s teeth?


We have new Fan Art this week from ~Seke-Sama—a sweet moment between Deacon and Jeff entitled “Surprise”. Thanks, ~Seke-Sama!

And oh my gosh, this is the third bonus page in as many weeks! In just 7 days, we hit $250—an Artifice speed record! And again, you all caught me by surprise. Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) had passed, I was just about to crawl into bed and then decided to give one last peek at the donation bar because we were soooo close.

Nope, 12:10 am on Wednesday, and still $30 short. Alas…

And then, just as I was about to close my laptop, bam! bam! the last two donations came in! Technically, after the deadline, but the heck with it! I still hadn’t gone to bed and so technically Wednesday hasn’t begun for me and, really, how can I ignore your awesomeness?! So, bleary-eyed, here I am typing up a note on a new BONUS PAGE!

Special thanks to long time supporters Christina K., Elyse B., Alison T. (for the 2nd week in a row), Sue T. (donating for the 3rd time in a row!), Laura Beth W. (donating for the 5th time in a row! Good golly!) & Micheal B. (who continues his streak of awesomeness by donating for the sixth straight week in a row! Wow!) and a hearty, warm welcome to new supporters Alexandra R., Nicole O., Carol M., kiaraly I. and Becca C.!

I’m sending out a big, android strength hug to long time friend of Artifice Tyler B. and also to new friend Karina G. for their super-generous $25 donations!

And a high-five and impressed bow at your ninja-like powers to brand new supporters Danielle C. and Keturah K. for adding in the last $20 and $10 respectively to put us over the top!

Whether you’re a long time supporter or a new supporter of this comic, I am so touched by your generosity. (And to Alison, Sue, Laura Beth and Micheal, who week after week show your support, well, I so humbled and honored to have attracted such cool readers like yourselves to my webcomic. You make me want to work just that much harder to live up to your kindness.)

You all make me feel very, very lucky. Thank you all so much.

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