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The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 9

The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 9 published on 59 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 9

Hidden subtext: Spooky was not surprised that Flyboy heard. And he has no regrets for doing what he just did.

The livestream was a lot of fun! Amazing questions. Lots of activity and good vibes in the chat. I, of course, looked pretty dorky on video, but my patrons made this terrifying thing into something that was a blast.

I got to all the questions that had been asked before the livestream started, and even a few more that were asked by live attendees. (And reader Tami even joined me up on screen to ask her question! Thank you, Tami!)

I also had a chance to share the very first character design sketches for The Young Protectors. (Where I revealed a secret behind the origin of Commander that many found shocking…)

The replay is already available to watch for all Patrons (even brand new ones!), and if you click on Ask A Question under my video, you’ll be able to jump to any of my answers in the video by clicking the View Answer button.

And speaking of my awesome Patrons, I’m delighted again to send out a very special Patreon anniversary thank you to those who have been supporting our work consistently!

First let me thank our Patrons who have been supporting for the last 12 months as of this week (Mar 10 – 16):

Aikijou, Claire A., Mike A., Stephen C., N O., Matt W., and Matthew W.

(Y’all are so cool!)

And also a big thank you for Patrons who have been supporting for 24 months of this week (Mar 10 – 16):

kb and Barnaby F.

(Two years of support! Thank you so much, kb & Barnaby!)

And let me also send an extra huge thank you to those Patrons who have been supporting this comic and our work from the very beginning!

Here are all the awesome Patrons who have been supporting me and this comic for 48 months (4 years!) as of this week (Mar 10 – 16):

camelotcrusade, davedoty, HPStrangelove, Joseph, Laura, Vykn, Whitley, Kyle A., Donald B., Harold B., Bill C., Bobby Joe C., Justin C., Michael C., Victoria C., Rayton D., Garland E., Ross E., Angus I., Shawn J., Carl K., Zeynep K., Alexis L., Lorenzo L., Bill M., Katie M., Joelle N., Oliver P., Adam Q., Anissa S., Reed S., Dairenna V., Spenser V., Isaiah W., and Paula W.

Woah! So many awesome folks supporting this work since the beginning! Thank you all so, so much for your amazing, ongoing support! It’s the consistent support that makes Patreon so helpful to creators, and is so essential to my ability to continue making this comic! You all are superheroes!

(Want to make sure this comic continues? Would you like to have access to special benefits like extra-sexy pages, exclusive Young Protectors pin-ups,  and behind-the-scenes scripts and art? Please take a look at my Patreon page and consider becoming my Patron!)

So! Looks like we’re taking a short trip down memory lane. But we’re getting a few revelations in the present at the same time! Spooky is the only one who knows the whole truth about what Flyboy did in this town (and in the “Flyboy Bonus Comic.”) And Flyboy rates his own performance during those events… poorly.

Is Flyboy being too hard on himself? Does Spooky have every right to treat him like a kid? What does Spooky think about what Flyboy told him? And can the art in this comic be any cooler?!

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀



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