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Artifice Page 62

Artifice Page 62 published on 109 Comments on Artifice Page 62

Ready… Aim…. Hmmm. What happens next?

We have new Fan Art by qui-gon-robot, a dark imagining of Jeff and Deacon’s eventual “escape” entitled “A Perfect Dystopia”. Totally appropriate for today’s darker page. Check it out!



The 15th bonus page in a row! You are UNSTOPPABLE! 😀

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Virginia H., Micheal B. (who has now donated for the seventeenth week in a row! Stunning!) & to Brent B. (who got the ball rolling on the next bonus page—thank you!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Paula B. & Kenya F. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friends of Artifice Clidiane A. and Jennifer B. (who has now made their fourth super-generous donation in a row!) and to new friend Christian S. (who put us over the top for this page! High five!) for their super-generous $25 donations!

Finally, android-strength hugs and much, much holiday love go out to Ethan R. for their extraordinarily generous $50 donation (which makes their third mega-generous donation to Artifice! And yes, thank you, Ethan—it was indeed a lovely Christmas gift!)

Thank you all so much for your awesome support! (And also for the holiday well-wishing—reading your kind words helped to make this Christmas a very special one for me.)

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