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The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 55

The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 55 published on 54 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 55

Welcome to DREAMLAND.

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So! Not sure why Flyboy is telling himself to “be smart” in those first panels, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped him from starting their mission that morning. And look at abandoned amusement park! Wow!

Is it just me or does that place look… a bit scary? What do you think our heroes will find there?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!


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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    Well, Spooky in a towel IS very tempting…

    Great work on the big panel too. Even in B&W, it’s impressive. Reminds me a bit of Geoff Darrow art.

  2. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    That ferryman is not a very joyful theme for a ride. I am in some doubt about the clown. In these parts, clowns are funny, not scary at all. But in some countries clowns are scary. I do not know how it is in the US. But if clowns are considered scary, the theme of this theme park seems to be fear.

  3. He has the “hots” for Spooks! He is telling himself to deny his hormones!

  4. Little lost. When do we jump to this theme park sequence?

  5. Avatar for dswxyz dswxyz says:

    My assorted thoughts:

    • Mitch is telling himself not to follow Spooky into the bathroom for a shared shower.
    • The story has decided to not follow up on why the gewgaw in Spooky’s apartment lit up last night. At least not yet. Which means it will somehow be relevant later, even though the story has moved to a new location.
    • Yes, that is a perfectly spooky-looking amusement park. Kudos to Adam and Vero.
    • That line of lit candles is a clear demarcation line. That’s definitely something the cultists set up. Cross that and something will happen. Be careful, guys.
    • Very interesting seeing Amanda suited up for army camo and unfashionable utility pouches. Obviously she isn’t “Commander” just yet. Is that a gun holster on her left hip?
  6. hehehe, Mitch is in some ~trouble~
    oohhh!!! been a while since we got a wide landscape shot, I like! what will happen next, i wonder…

  7. That’s interesting. :slight_smile: I can kinda see it. Lots of lovely details.

    Fear. Nightmare. Hopefully, forgetting your troubles.

    At couple hours later after Amanda met them in Spooky’s office.

    Maybe… :slight_smile:

    Indeed, it is. :slight_smile:

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