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The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 51

The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 51 published on 54 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 51

And well leave them right there

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Our amazing and hard-working penciler for the Double Cross arc, Adam DeKraker, has asked for a two month break which I’m sure you’ll agree, after all these detailed pages, is very richly deserved! So, we will be pausing the Double Cross arc until December 4th (when I will be posting its next Preview Page.)

But the comics fun here won’t stop because we have a backup comic, Fallen, ready to pick up the slack!

We’ve already posted the first 10 pages of the first chapter of Fallen as a “teaser.”  And penciler Gabriel Mayorga and colorist Veronica Gandini pick up right where we left off with page 11!

The Patreononly preview page for Page 11 of Fallen has already been posted and you can find it here. It will be posted in full color for the general public on October 14th. So, no break in our posting schedule. And then we’ll continue updating twice a week just as always!

So, please take this moment to catch up with what’s been happening with Cory since he fell through that portal, and then tune in on October 14th for the next page of Fallen to find out what happens next! 😀

(Want to make sure you don’t lose track of that next page? Take advantage of one of my free subscription methods now!)


The only reason I’m able to keep making The Young Protectors is because of the very generous support of readers like you on Patreon. Especially now. And we had a whole bunch of new folks sign up over the last week — 10, in fact! (Y’all are so cool!) So, please join me in sending out a very special thank you and welcome to the new members of the Woolfpack this week!

Milly, Ray j, Shadisky, Jason A., Tommy D., Nathan G., Joshua K., Gabriel S., Julie S. and Dallas V.

Thank you so much for your amazing support, Milly, Ray j, Shadisky, Jason, Tommy, Nathan, Joshua, Gabriel, Julie and Dallas! You and the other members of the Woolfpack are all the real superheroes of this comic!

(Would you like to make sure this comic continues? Ready to dive even deeper into The Young Protectors world? Learn more about all the benefits of joining me and your fellow readers as part of The Young Protectors tribe on Patreon and then join the fun!)


So! We leave our heroes to their sweet kisses, but as we turn away, what’s this? Are the eyes of that statue glowing?!

Looks like! What does that mean? Why are they doing that? (Here’s a Word of God hint: It’s not mind control. Flyboy and Teen Spooky are operating under their own steam right now with no outside influence. Except for maybe a few cheers and gasps from the Comments Section, of course. 😉 )

So, with that in mind, how are Flyboy and Teen Spooky going to react to their free-will choices here by the dawn’s early light?

Tune in right here on December 4th to find out!

And, in the meantime, tune in this Wednesday to enjoy the very next page of Fallen which you can find here!

Hope to see you there! 😀

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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    I have been looking forward to Fallen. And we have a nice cliffhanger here. Good timing.

  2. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    And what color are they glowing?

    Are we dealing with a voyeuristic Vellok? Or is someone getting a charge out of their kissing games?

    (I know I am. :smiley: )

  3. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    As for regrets… I’m sure they’ll have a few…

    … but then again, too few to mention. :wink:

  4. Sneaky underhanded swine! I say that in the best way of course. Our two boys about to love and BOOM, an oddly twinkling statue? Alex, you do have an evil streak!

  5. I’m glad you like that, Klaus. I try to put a lot of thought into how I end each scene.

    And I’m glad you’re looking forward to Fallen. Me, too! I think y’all are going to find it a lot of fun. It’s definitely one of my more light-hearted stories. And romance first.

    The answer to this question is important.

    But they did it their way, huh?

    It’s not me. It’s whoever is making those eyes glow. That’s the evil one, Bill.

    I’ve got nothing but a halo above my head. :smiley:

  6. Avatar for dswxyz dswxyz says:

    Well, the purple glow from the figurine is similar to the purple glow that was around Shades’s animated noose, so it could be Shades who’s eavesdropping…? Of course, that doesn’t explain why that statuette is there in the first place or how Shades would even know it’s there. Did Spooky or Cassidy find that tchotchke in some mysterious curio shop that became a vacant lot the next day?

  7. Practice with my pillow - now why didn’t I think of that? I could have avoided so many break-ups!

  8. I would’ve commented on the previous page, which is lovely, but is anyone interested in my keyboardsmash emoji-filled gibberish? :stuck_out_tongue:
    As for this page… I may have let out some choice curse words. aaaaAAAAAAA I knew there was gonna be Something Bad!! Who/what the hell is that??? Someone’s spying, or activating some kind of spell/curse, or else something bad

  9. Could be. It is the color of his magic.

    Adult Spooky is very careful about what artifacts he keeps inside his wards. Teen Spooky was less so.

    Practice makes perfect. :slight_smile:

    All real possibilities, Julia. Why pick just one?

  10. Yes, why not? bites nails also wow that a honker typo, I meant “something else bad” lmao!!! there are no good non-baddie related possibilities here, my gut’s telling me so

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