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The Young Protectors—Spooky Jones: Past Sins—Page 69

The Young Protectors—Spooky Jones: Past Sins—Page 69 published on 59 Comments on The Young Protectors—Spooky Jones: Past Sins—Page 69

“Wouldn’t want to be you…”

Our Patreon is now up to $6,215, up $11 from Friday. And it’s actually a very special week for our Patreon!  It’s our four year anniversary! Four years of y’all making this comic possible when I thought I’d have to end it. Four years of you giving me the opportunity to tell thoughtful, fun, and thrilling stories about Kyle, Spooky and the rest of The Young Protectors gang. And a whole lot of Patrons have stuck with us since the very first week!

So, I’m totally thrilled to send out a very special Patreon anniversary thank you to those who have been supporting our work consistently.

Our Patrons for 12 months or more as of this week (Jan 13 – 19)!

Cornelia S., Davis T. and Tom

(Y’all are awesome!)

Our Patrons for 36 months as of this week (Jan 13 – 19):

Niekchen, Timothy T.

(Thank you so much, Niekchen and Timothy!)

And now it’s my great pleasure to send an extra huge thank you to those Patrons who have been supporting this comic and our work from the very beginning!

Patrons for 48 months as of this week (Jan 13 – 19):

Adriane, AlpineBob, Arend, Arthur, Bryce, Chase, Cowgirl Zombie, Cristov, Dave, Dudley, Gary, Jane, Jim, JulesJones, K, lifeless1, Luke, Mandy, midwestmutt, Olivier, Peanut, Robert, Ruddy, Russell, Sarah, Saxon_Brenton, Someonelse, stickfigurefairytales, Arshad A., Jim B., Marc B., Martin B., Max B., Michael B., Toli B., Alex C., Alvin C., Cheshi C., David C., Elaine C., Melanie C., Stephen C., Jonathan D., Larry F., Todd E., Eric G., Frater G., Lisa G., Clio H., Ellen H., Robert H., Cheryl J., Lori J., Becky K., Hannah Rebecca K., Veronika K., Leo L., Loraine L., Mark L., Andre M., Feverfew M., Lady M., Matthew M., Rae M., Andy N., Stefan N., Curtis O., Cindy P., Jennifer R., Angela S., Cydney S., Erin S., Jim S., Peter S., Robert S., Denis T., ross t., Adam W., James W., Karen W., Pam W., Robert W., and Sal W.

I wish I could shake the hand of each and every one of you! Please just know that I am tremendously grateful for you sticking with me for all this time. This comic wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for your support. I hope that you have enjoyed this journey as much as I’ve enjoyed having you with us on it. And you have my promise that I will do my best to create stories for you that you’ll love for a long time to come!

You all are the real superheroes! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

(And I actually have a special anniversary bonus for y’all. It needs a few more weeks to bake in the oven, but once it’s ready, I know you’re going to love it!)

So! Velliok does the old “walk on water” trick and exits stage left. What does he mean that Spooky was going to be his from the moment he was born?  And how can he be so sure they will meet again?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


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