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The Young Protectors-Spooky Jones: Genesis—Page 22-23

The Young Protectors-Spooky Jones: Genesis—Page 22-23 published on 313 Comments on The Young Protectors-Spooky Jones: Genesis—Page 22-23

Jeez, Amanda. You’re supposed to be all super-sensitive and then you go telling Spooky that everyone who uses magic goes crazy. So now you’ve made him cry. Nice going! >:(

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Oh, and…


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So! We got to see a bit more of Spooky’s time in Hell! Glad to see that Spooky continued to make friends. (And you’ll want to pay extra attention to the demon Spooky is rescuing in the upper right of the page—he plays a large role in the upcoming Spooky Jones Illustrated Short Story [which, like this Bonus Comic, is another Kickstarter Stretch Goal reward!]) Meanwhile, back on Earth, Amanda is assuring our young traveler that he’s finally made it back home. Is she telling the truth? Is she actually someone real? Or is Amanda and everything else Spooky sees here just part of some elaborate fiction created to entertain beings who exist stretched out across time and space?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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