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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 18

The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 18 published on 264 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 18

Gosh, I sure hope Ivan gets his money. Fingers crossed!

This weekend I’m going to be at YaoiCon 2015 in San Francisco (at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport)! I’ll have advance copies of The Young Protectors books for sale along with special and new sexy prints and cards (and, of course, I’ll have Artifice books as well!). I’d love to see some friendly faces while I’m there. (And maybe even some TYP cosplay!) Please look for me in the corner of the Dealer’s Hall at Booth #1! 🙂

In other news, Patrons have been voting on which two characters will appear in the next Sexy Pairing Painting (the first one paired Deacon and Kyle) and tomorrow night, I’ll be revealing who they chose for the first half of that pairing. (HINT: Spooky is winning by a mile.) But one vote down means I’ll soon be sending out the voting link for the second half of the pairing — and if you join now, you’ll get to vote for who that is! Which one of my characters from any of my comics would you like to see in a sexy way with the Spookster?

Over 1150 readers like you have already joined the fun. There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron (you can see them all here along with an explanation of what the heck Patreon is), and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits),

please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron.

So! Looks like Cory isn’t going to be squashing Ivan like a bug. At least not soon. And Flyboy is giving himself low marks for how he’s handled this so far. What’s our young hero going to do next? And how will it possibly make things better?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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