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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 38

The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 38 published on 60 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 38

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looks like Hunter’s bringing the fireworks. And as for what I’m bringing:


The lucky thirteenth bonus page in a row—a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of 2013!

And look below! We’re already at $110 towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Perrine S. (who makes their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Curtis P., Migs A. & Rebecca M. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friend of The Young Protectors Marc B. for their super generous $25 donations! (And this makes Marc’s second super-generous donation to this comic!)

And superhero-strength hugs go out to super-friend William R. for their amazingly generous $50 donation! And this is William’s third amazingly generous donation in a row! Thank you so much, William!

Thank you all so much for your support! Not only are the holidays usually tight for folks money-wise, but people tend to be on the Internet a lot less. Yet you continue to support bonus pages every week! I feel tremendously humbled and grateful that we have such awesome, generous readers. You’ve given me the best year ever in 2012. I very much hope this New Year treats you all to much love, happiness and success! You deserve it! 🙂

So! We’ve just left The Annihilator on what is (in my definition) the first real cliffhanger page of this comic and it looks like Kyle is in a tight spot of his own! Will he live through his first encounter with this “hero”? Will ‘sploded flowers become the new spring rolls? And will “Invisibility” ever be listed as a trope on The Young Protectors TV Tropes page? Tune in this Saturday to find out!

Hope to see you there! 😀

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