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Artifice Page 47

Artifice Page 47 published on 268 Comments on Artifice Page 47

First contact—there is no starship mission more dangerous

We have Fan Art by Dougathor Destroyer of Worlds, a little mash-up that suggests a hidden danger for those bold enough to experiment with android sex. Thanks, Dougathor Destroyer of Worlds!

And we yet again hit the bonus target, so there will be a bonus page—Page 48!—this Wednesday, November 9th! That will make the eight bonus page in a row! Holy cow!

Special thanks to long-time supporters Steven H. (donating for the second week in a row!), Nicholas H. (donating for the third week in a row!), Erin H. (donating for the fifth time in four weeks!) and a warm welcome and a grateful bow to new supporters Rowan M. and James E. for their generous donations over the past couple days!

Finally a high-five and big hug to Blythe G. whose donation on Thursday put us over the top to make next week’s bonus page possible!

Thank you all very much for your generous support and your kind words! Even in my weakened condition, you all make me feel so happy. 🙂

And speaking of the saga of my health, I’ve taken another little dip for the worse, so again, I might not be as present in the comments as I’d like to be, but I’ll do my best to chime in. So much of the fun of making this comic is the opportunity to connect with all of you totally awesome readers. 😀 (And maybe I just need a couple of days resting on the weekend to get back into fighting trim. :D)

Anyway, I hope to see you all this Wednesday, November 9th for Page 48! 😀

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