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Artifice Page 14

Artifice Page 14 published on 75 Comments on Artifice Page 14


Winona and I loved reading all your speculation about that last page. We kept checking into the comments all week—lots of fun. (Honestly, they were really well-thought out accounts and I still think the “Trinity” comment by Iiro H. should be canon…) There were a bunch of theories: alien parasite attack, android berserker massacre, a firefight the androids got caught in the crossfire of, the androids are the rescue team, the androids are the killers… Good stuff.

So, what are folks thinking now? We’d love to hear more. 😀

Oh, and if you get a chance, please click on the ads I’ve put up below the comic pages. I don’t get paid per click or anything—advertisers rent the space by time—but they are helping to make this comic possible in a really big way, so it’d be great if we could show them some love. And most of the time the ads are for other webcomics, which are just kind of cool to check out anyway, IMHO…

(Special thanks to Kristina K. for the generous donation this week! 🙂 )

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